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New Patients

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The New Patient Visit

When you first make contact to schedule your appointment, we’ll listen to your dental concerns to help us determine how we can best meet your dental needs. We understand that all our patients have unique needs and we are here to assist you in achieving optimal dental health.

The New Patient

If you are visiting us as a new patient, you can plan on being here for one hour. During this hour, we will get to know you as a patient and establish how we can best help you achieve your goals. We will review your medical and dental history and try to understand your personal experience with dentistry. We also explore any fears or anxiety you might have about dentistry. This is all done with the aim of understanding your unique needs so we can help you attain optimal dental health.

the new patient

New Patient Paperwork

Any future necessary dental work will be discussed. If you are in a dental health fund, the cost of this consultation is usually fully covered by your health fund. You can usually expect not to pay a gap. You will then return for the commencement of dental work to achieve your goals. If we feel that we are unable to help you, we will refer you to another dental professional who will help you with your dental needs.

dental emergency

A Dental Emergency

If you contact us due to a dental emergency such as a toothache, we will do all that we can to see you the same day. A member of our helpful staff will discuss the nature of the problem with you to understand your needs. After-hours emergency care is available to our existing patients.

Get in for an appointment straightaway with convenient same-day dentistry. Schedule your time today and use your health fund coverage for your visit.

Contact Us for Emergency Dental Care

At Village Dental Care, we’re committed to providing prompt, compassionate emergency dental care to help you through unexpected dental issues. Let us help you find relief and peace of mind with our expert emergency services.