Village Dental Care

Before & After

Invisalign and Orthodontics

Patient CW beforePatient CW after
Patient DL before newPatient DL after
Patient EHP beforePatient EHP after
Patient IC BeforePatient IC after
LO BeforeLO after
TR BeforeTR after

All-On-4 Dental Implants

All on 4 before newAll on 4 CD after
All on 4 db beforeAll on 4 db after
All on 4 dp beforeAll on 4 dp after
All on 4 jj beforeAll on 4 jj after
All on 4 jj2 beforeAll on 4 jj2 after
All on 4 jsk beforeAll on 4 jsk after
All on 4 jsk2 before new1'All on 4 jsk2 after
All on 4 LC beforeAll on 4 LC after
All on 4 MM beforeAll on 4 MM after
All on 4 pf beforeAll on 4 pf after new
All on 4 PN beforeAll on 4 PN after
All on 4 TLL beforeAll on 4 TLL after

Single Implants

implant dbell beforeimplant dbell after
implant g beforeimplant g after
implant immediate beforeimplant immediate after
implant kc beforeimplant kc after
implant kr beforeimplant kr after
implant tll lower beforeimplant tll lower after
implant tp beforeimplant tp after
implant vh beforeimplant vh after

Aesthetic dentistry and Smile rehabilitation

Combosite buildup beforeCombosite buildup after new
DA beforeDA after
JSk beforeJSk after
lle beforelle after
Mf beforeMf after
MG beforeMG after
PH beforePH after
psk beforepsk after
rk beforerk after
rw beforerw after